Highlighting Jackall’s pension for innovative design and unshakeable quality, the Jackall Chop Cut Propbait delivers a one of a kind construction that is simply a “cut” above other topwater lures. At the front, the Jackall Chop Cut Propbait features two thin blades that slice through the water, creating a powerful sputter and a deafening acoustic. Unlike one dimensional, chuck-and-wind style baits, the Jackall Chop Cut Propbait’s speed dictates its pitch and action, so anglers can vary their retrieve to achieve distinctly different presentations.

Focusing on function as well as form, the Jackall Chop Cut Propbait features an innovative wire attachment that keeps line from tangling with the prop, and a swiveling hook hanger that prevents fish from gaining leverage during a fight. Offered in a number of highly detailed colors, the Jackall Chop Cut Propbait leverages innovative design and unrivaled quality to give anglers a truly unique topwater presentation.

Standard Version is 3.25″ and 0.75 oz
Jr Version is 2.5″ and 0.6 oz

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Standard, Jr


Black White Bone, Bone White, Green Frog, HL Bluegill, RT Chartreuse Gill, Skeleton Bone