Super Eruption


Delivering a hard thumping action you have to feel to believe, the Jackall Super Eruption Spinnerbait is perfect for dirty water, low light conditions and winter-time fishing. Built with two reverse teardrop blades, the blades puts off as much or more vibration as standard Colorado-blades. They come to life even as you crawl the Super Eruption back to the boat, while also producing the tremendous flash of willow blades. Exclusive vibration-conductive .08mm SUS304 stainless steel wire further enhances vibration and provides the durability to retain its shape fish-after-fish. As it bounces, deflects and comes over cover, the realistically painted, compact head also gives it an enticing presentation that is incredibly resistant to snagging. Armed with a super sharp Owner heavy wire hook as well, the Jackall Super Eruption Spinnerbait delivers tournament-grade performance from one of Japan’s foremost lure manufacturers.

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3/8, 1/2


Pearl Chartreuse, White